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Speereo Software UK Ltd. – private company founded in 1998.

Specialization – development of own proprietary speech recognition system; mobile and PC solutions based on Speereo Speech Recognition (SSR) Technology.

Offices – London head office and St.Petersburg, Russia – R&D.

Finances – all Speereo development is self-funded, no outside investments were drawn yet.


From the very beginning of our corporate life we knew that technology is progressing fast and offers more complex solutions every day. Complexity brings a wide spread situation: users are overcome by features and uses and therefore stop using new and innovating products in full. An average situation is where user knows that his device can do a certain thing, but has no idea on how to do that.

To solve such obstacle there is a need in revolution of user-machine interface, i.e. something has to change to make complex machinery more user-friendly in user eyes.

And what can be more natural and friendly than speech dialogue? Nothing can.


Main SSR development process took about three years and in year 2000 we have finalized our speaker independent speech recognition system with large vocabulary .

At that time we were aiming at mobile and embedded devices that possessed small resources compared to PC market. Therefore we have strived to optimize SSR, to make it most effective in the market.

At the same time we have applied much effort in developing stable and high quality speech recognition that will bring same result in miscellaneous surroundings (in the street, moving vehicle, at the café, etc.).

In May of 2001 Speereo Speech interface was ported into Windows CE platform. By the end of 2001 Speereo Voice Organizer application was operating on HP Jornada 54X (SH3) and Casio Cassiopeia E-125 (MIPS). We were the first company that developed a working speech recognition engine for mobile market.

In 2001 we have also started a development of multilanguage phrasebook application Speereo Voice Translator (SVT).

By spring of 2002 Speereo Voice Organizer was operating on Pocket PC devices and by August – nominated by PocketPC Magazine . In October of 2002 we have shown our software at Pocket PC Summit in Hollywood. Speereo was a participant and a sponsor of the event.

In June of 2005 first edition of Speereo Voice Translator (SVT) for Symbian was issued. Today SVT was updated several times and ported to Java platform as well.

Speereo Software has brought together over 30 years of speech recognition experience applied by our engineers, mathematicians, and programmers. Now the work on Speereo Speech Recognition Technology embodies 150 person-years.


We believe that future holds a new break-through for everyone.

Further development of traditional user-machine interface brings nothing. All ‘new and innovating features` advertised in the market are no more but improvement of something old.

That is why speech recognition will become a new revolutionary step and will make its way to all areas of everyday life, to all industries.

Today we already have ready to market products and have developed some use-cases and concepts on how SSR will come handy in many industries and markets. Explore our `Industries` section to see them.


Phone: 32-74-455

Fax: +7-812-327-4455

Speereo Software UK Ltd.
758 Great Cambridge Road
The Business Center
Middlesex EN1 3PN

For cooperation and suggestions please contact us at

Speereo R&D, Marketing and Business Development

63-B Piskarevsky prospekt
The Business Center, 3rd floor
St. Petersburg 195273


Konstantin Lamin , CEO

Oleg Maleev , Vice President, R&D

Daniel Ischenko , Vice President, Business Development


We have Russian patent #2103753, issued on January 27, 1997 on A Method of a Speaker Independent Recognition of Isolated Speech Commands. A WPO application is under preparation. Speereo Software holds a Certificate of Official Registration of a Computer Program for the Speech Recognition System, #2000610427, issued on May 25, 2000.

"Speereo" is the registered trademark of Speereo Software UK.

Other publications include:
- "On the improvements of speaker-independent isolated word recognition using chaotic model." O. Maleev, et al. Proc. of the First International Conference on Control of Oscillation and Chaos, pp. 142-143. St. Petersburg, Russia. 1997.

- "Dialog speech recognition system for Russian and English." O. Maleev, et al. Proc. of the Workshop on Multi-Lingual Speech Communication, pp. 40-44. Kyoto, Japan. October 11-13, 2000.

- "TT Continuous Speaker-Independent Speech Recognizer." O. Maleev. Proc. of the International Workshop "Speech and Computer", pp. 33-36. SPECOM2000, St. Peterburg, Russia. September 25-28, 2000.

- Integrating Speech Technologies in Mobile and Embedded Devices - ARM Developers Conference, Technical Section, 2005. Oleg Maleev, Ph.D., Vice President, Research & Development, Speereo Software, UK // Download PDF (799 kb)


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